Apple has a big September 9th event coming and it could end up being Apple’s biggest event ever. Why? Because there’s a bit of a bottleneck period in 2015 and so many of their products are due for an upgrade. We’re expecting a pair of new iPhones, or even 3 of them, a new Apple TV and obviously new iPads. Traditionally, iPads got their own separate event, but this year they may be part of the bunch.

Bill Graham Civic (Exposition) Auditorium, 99 Grove St, SF

The iPad Pro may debut with the rest of the iPhones and Apple TV units next week, during the September 9th event. Sources are saying that the bigger Apple slate will hit retail outlets in November, with a preorder campaign launched toward the end of October. Once again, it could all be the subject of rumors and we may end up with the bigger iPad announced in October.

In case you’re wondering what the deal is with the picture above, it’s the Bill Graham auditorium, a 7000 seat building where Apple will host its event on the 9th of the month. Sources close to the launch have been quoted saying that there will be an “unprecedented” blitz of product introductions, even beating last year’s. The iPad Mini 4 may also see the light of day, while a series of repeating sources have claimed that the iPad Air 3 has been pushed to 2016.

Codenamed J98/J99, the iPad Pro will be a 12+ inch tablet with iOS 9.1 on board and support for a Force Touch-based stylus.