The iPad Mini and Nexus Tablet rumors have been going hand in hand recently and now here’s more info about the rumored tablet from Apple. The product is supposed to debut in Q3 2012 and take on the Windows 8 offensive that will being close to the year end. The new iPad Mini will be priced at around $249 to $299 and it will also rival the Nexus Tablet.

The info comes from NetEaser and doesn’t quite sound believable, since I can’t imagine Apple selling a 7.85 inch iPad at half the price of the current Retina Display iPad. Leaks say that both Foxconn and Pegatron will produce the iPad Mini and AUO is the supplier of components for the slate, or better said the display. The resolution of the 7.85 inch panel is expected to be 1024 x 768 pixels, the same as the first gen iPads. I’ve been hearing about prototypes of this device for a while now, at least ones that are being tested, but no trace or evidence of their existence appeared.

A new iPad would be a sign that Apple figured out the threat of tablets such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, that got a hefty portion of the market when it launched last year. It even had Google worrying, even if it’s an Android device all wrapped up with Amazon’s services. Predictions say that Apple ill ship 6 million iPad mini units before the year end… will they come true?