The first reports regarding Black Friday 2013 sales are in and they’re showing that the iPad Mini was a very hot item at Walmart. The store also announced that its Black Friday campaign has been a success, with the store delivering the biggest shopping day of the season.


1 million customers took part in the One Hour Guarantee promotion, that involved 21 products this year. The top selling products included big screen TVs, laptops, the Xbox One and also the iPad Mini. Walmart claims it sold over 1.4 million slates during the price reduction period, with the iPad Mini at the top of the sales.

This is logical, since we’re dealing here with a still appealing slate, that costs in the range of $300 for the basic version and can still run all of the modern games and apps that are offered on the App Store. The iPad Mini was a hot seller last year as well, so once Apple realizes its smaller tablets are generating a lot of revenue, maybe they’ll go back on that Maxi iPad project…