The recent avalanche of iPad Mini-related rumors lead us to believe that sometime in the next months, Apple will unveil a 7.85 inch iPad with a more affordable price tag than usual. After seeing a mould of the prototype for the iPad Mini, now we get to see some leaked schematics for the device.

These schematics help us understand the layout of the new tablet, complete with button placement, port placement and dimensions. As you can see, just like the new iPhone, this device has some speakers with grilles at the bottom, plus a small dock connector, maybe the same 19 pin one as the iPhone 5. As usual, the images come from China and it appears that the new slate will be just 7.3mm thick, a lot thinner than the 9.3mm iPhone 4S or the 9.4mm iPad 3. The Nexus 7 seems very beefy now at 10.45mm, taking these into account…

Measuring these images you get a diagonal or around 7.87 inches for this tablet, perfectly aligned with what we’ve been hearing so far. The CPU is the biggest mystery related to the iPad Mini right now, as well as screen resolution and the resolution of the camera, if it will end up on the specs list.

  • Gmailman

    who care, really…..its the Microsoft surface we want….even if it is 10 inches.