Manufacturer Hon Hai has already begun production of the iPad Mini and the iTV is also on its way, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. The same expert says that Apple’s rumored iTV is in production as well and could even pop up in stores before the year end. Misek says that Hon Hai’s July revenues increased 5% sequentially from June, that’s bit for a flat month.

The analyst believes that the reason for the increase is the iPad Mini and he bases his claims on the July Taiwan component sales data and his verifications within the supply chain. Apparently, planned iPad builds for the September quarter have been increased to 25 million from 18 million. Also, know that the December quarter has a target of over 30 million units, up from the range of 22-25 million. Misek is also saying that Apple is in full production of the iTV.

Sharp, Hon Hai and other specialty chemical and TV component suppliers have data proving that, apparently. JDSU recently claimed that it has a new customer for its gesture control modules, the same one used on the Kinect and the company claims it’s a non gaming party, a description that would fit Apple. Misek’s estimations account for about 15 million iPhone 5 units built by mid September and a debut for the iTV in the DEcember or March quarters. Finally, the report is concluded with the expert saying he expects the iPhone 5 to debut on September 12th and the iPad Mini could come on the same date.

  • DeianStancu

    If this is true, Apple will loose the trial against Samsung, they will backfire with copyright infringements.

  • CarterMorgan

    It’s good to hear that Apple has finally started producing the iPad Mini. I have been hearing rumors about the 7 inch iPad from a coworker at Dish for weeks now, and I am very excited for it. Right now I have an iPad 2 that I take everywhere with me, and a smaller version would be great to watch live TV on the Dish Remote Access app, since my DVR is connected to a Sling Adapter. I’m really excited to have a more portable iPad to take out of the home!