Reuters informs us that Apple will actually delay its new iPad Mini, instead of launching it this month, as previously speculated. The Cupertino giant has been said to release a new version of the iPad Mini with a high resolution Retina screen this month.


Sources close to the component suppliers are saying that quantities of the new tablet are limited and Apple doesn’t want to risk anything. The company behind the first iPad Mini has to face tremendous pressure, coming from new Amazon tablets and the Nexus 7 2013, to name just a few rivals. Everyone expects the new iPad Mini to bring an improved camera, higher resolution screen, thinner and lighter case and superior CPU.

There has been a theory about an iPad Mini 2 that just updates the internals and doesn’t mess with the screen resolution, but the public wouldn’t like that. Apple defines a Retina Display as a resolution detailed enough so the human eye won’t detect pixelation. LG and Sharp are favourites to make such screens for the iPad Mini 2, but insiders have said that yields are very low especially for LG.