If you’ve been drooling over the whole Apple iPad thingie, but you won’t spend $500 on the device, you can pretend you’re using a tinier version of the tablet by porting its UI on your iPhone or iPod touch. The port will give you the needed 3D extra to make the iPhone interface look cool, complete with the iBooks option and a couple of other iPad-related touches. All you need is a jailbroken iPhone/ iPod touch and here’s how it all looks like:

In order to perform the port, you’ll be using Cydia, then you’ll install Winterboard, the “Simple iPad” theme and MakeItMine also through Cydia, in order to change the on-screen carrier to “iPad”. Afterwards, you’ll have to download the Shrink app to reduce the size of the icons and install ProSwitcher for some multitasking.

Last, you can install NY Times, Classics and Kindle apps in order to mess with ebooks. The result is… a little bit of the iPad on your very own handset.

[via Engadget]