When it rains it pours, as far as Apple leaks are concerned. After two weeks of repeated iPhone 6 leaks (batteries, molds, front panels, cases), it’s time for the iPad Air 2 to make a special appearance. The image shown below is supposed to show us the new iPad Air display panel.


The current iPad design approach is to separate the display and the panel, but in the case of an integrated display, the next iPad Air could be thinner than the predecessor. It could also have room for a bigger battery and generally larger components. The display has received some alterations, but it still remains at the level of a 9.7 incher, so no, this is not the iPad Pro.

iFixit cofounder Kyle Wiens shared his view on this leak, claiming that the assembly looks legit and that it uses a manufacturing process similar to the one of the Retina MacBook Pro. This increases the repair costs a bit, but usually when you repair an Apple product it’s not cheap. I also suppose that the same resolution will be kept…