While we’re still waiting for the first leaks concerning the iPad 3, a prototype of a 3D display iPad 2 was showcased at Display Taiwan. This is a glasses-free 3D unit, that’s very thin and still manages to fit a tridimensional screen inside.

The video demo below shows how the device works and this is most likely what Apple is going for in the next iPad iterations. Supposedly, the iPad 3 will sport an AMOLED screen, brighter than the average screen and also with less power usage. As an extra its resolution will surpass the 1024 x 768 one from the iPad 2, so this means a high pixel density.

However, we have no clue if the iPad 3 will adopt a 3D screen or not, although it would be a welcome addition, especially since LG already has a 3D tablet out there.

  • Deian Stancu

    This is not Ipad 3, it’s a badly done Ipad 1 clone, even if 3d, which it doesn’t show of the video, you can’t tell. And it’ not 3d without glasses, you will need them, something Apple will never approve.
    Look at the curvature and thickness, specific to Ipad 1, Ipad 2 is thinner and straight, not curved. The guy at Netbook News is an idiot, he has never seen an Ipad 2 before…