Since the ASUS Transformer Prime quad core tablet has just been announced officially, it’s time for the usual comparison with the iPad 2. The Transformer Prime is based on the Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset, that competes with the 1GHz dual core Apple A5 processor on the iPad.

As far as RAM goes, the ASUS model has the upper hand with 1GB versus the iPad 2’s 512MB. On the display side, both models come with LED backlit IPS screens, but the diagonal of the Transformer Prime is slightly bigger. I can’t really say how well the quad core CPU fares against the iPad 2’s dual core processor, so I’ll have to see a bunch of benchmarks, but I guess that Tegra 3 is superior to dual core power.

The software duel really has no point in mentioning, since Honeycomb is clearly surpassed by iOS 5 and Android 4.0 doesn’t change much, either. The resolution is on the Prime’s side with 1280 x 800 pixels against the newest iPad’s 1024 x 768 pixels. The ASUS also wins the camera duel, with an 8 megapixel autofocus sensor, capable of 1080p video capture, versus the iPad’s very poor camera.

And finally, one of the things that matter the most is the battery life, that’s 12 hours for the Prime and 10 hours for the iPad 2. The new  Transformer can even reach 18 hours with the keyboard dock. What’s really nifty is that there’s a very good reason to compare the two: they have the same price: $500.

  • Dannyvu333

    Let me change adjust this review a little bit.  The OS of Android is superior to that of iOS 5 in that Android has much more customization option.

    In the price comparison, Prime is $100 cheaper vs iPad with the same memory.

  • How so? In what way Android is superior? In the way that it has horrible lag and lots of FC’s ?? In the way that it has no tablet apps, poor battery life and need of quad-core and more than 1GB RAM to work?????

  • It’s common knowledge that iOS is now dated in appearance and rigid in its customisation and user interface. If you think Android has no tablet apps, then wow, you’re not very up to date with your info. Poor battery life? I think you’ll find the Asus transformer outperforms the iPad. It doesn’t need quad core to work. If that’s your thinking, then again, come back when you’re up to speed on the world of tech. Utilising quad core and 1gb of RAM  is the natural progression tablets are taking. Your comments don’t paint you in a good light I’m afraid.

  • I am not a fanboy if this is where are you trying to get at. I just pointed out that Android is poor, compared to other OS’es, in this case, IOS. Android is a resource hog, compared to IOS 5, that works fine on first generation Ipad with 256MB RAM and single core CPU. And Asus TF, has a good battery life, but with a docking station, that makes it heavy and bulky, and is a good tablet, but at what point? The need for a five core CPU and more than 1GB RAM, to barely get out of the Android lag plague??
    And about Android tablet apps, yes there are a few, not worth to mention, because many are still not fully compatible with tablets and give FC’s.
    Sure, why not progresion, put 16 core CPU and 10 GB RAM on a tablet, forget about optimizations….

  • narada

    Funny how defensive the Apple sheeple get anytime something better comes out.  Apple is behind in the tablet and phone progression.   Their lame attempts to keep their followers spending more and more money for second rate tech. based on the best apps market has put them behind the 8-ball compared to many of the current offering out there.  Android will prove far superior in the future.  Apple’s days are very numbered as the ruler of the tablet AND phone world.

  • You must be a sore looser if you think this way. I AM NOT AN APPLE FANBOY, maybe you are blind and need a bit of council.
    I own a Galaxy S phone and an Android tablet, but am not satisfied with the battery life Android tablets have. For example, Acer Iconia and Xoom and Ipad, have the same 25Wh battery, but on Ipad, it lasts almost twice longer, and has 10 times standby time than any mentioned above Android tablets. Only Galaxy Tab 10.1 have almost same battery life like Ipad, but that tablet is too buggy and lacks conectivity like Ipad.
    So in what way is Android better? Even Adobe ditched Flash, goodbye flash sites, they never worked properly anyway.

    You are sheep, not me, dumb adept.

  • Gaurav

    Forget all comparisons, all bad-mouthing, all “fanboy” comments – bottom line is that apple users are always satisfied and android users are not. At the end of the day, that’s what matters, right? What’s fascinating is that old people to techies, everyone who uses an ipad, loves it.

  • Ewlung

    Did you read that the Prime has 12 hours battery which is more than iPad?

  • Hamdan89

    Deian,you must be dumb for buying android tablet even after you realize that it has a poor battery life…go sell it and buy your ipad 2 with high tech 512mb ram that always crash on game because not enough memory.i use asus tf,and love it even the battery life just 8-9hours.and you know what?i never bring the docking keyboard with me all the time..did you overclock your device???hehe,just asking?

  • floppy

    I think Deian is off base with his comments or at least comes off too defensively. However, I think he and Gaurav have a point. Despite the flintstones appearance of the iOS, it not only is not a resource hog but also until the ASUS TF apple touchscreens were the only ones that didn’t have the ubiquitously horrendous response times sometimes coupled with inaccuracies associated with the touchscreens on non-Apple devices. But I did play around with the I think TF1, and initial impressions were positive in terms of responsiveness and accuracy. I think I did have to press a little harder (the ipad only requires you glaze the screen) but still not bad. Android does indeed need a ton of cleanup and optimization before I think it can hands down top iOS (the way XP topped OSX, for instance).

  • Although the Prime offers the 2 hours battery than ipad, the ipad is also super than Prime on other sides. It is just a common sense that ipad performance is approved.