iOS 7 has been mostly shown running on the iPhone 5, but everyone is wondering how the new UI is going to look on the iPad. Well, that question gets an answer today, as the folks of have discovered shots of the iOS 7 on the Apple tablets published by Apple.


The new OS is shown running on the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini. We also get a glimpse at the official Music app running on the tablet. As you probably know already, earlier this week at WWDC 2013, Apple unveiled its new iOS, an OS X update and a few other products. They also announced the iRadio music service, but the biggest product they unveiled was iOS 7.

This platform brings a flattened interface, a brand new lockscreen and totally changed icons, with most people claiming that the change is for the worse. The 3D effects are gone and the images are more pragmatic and… flat. Jony Ive is behind this design, if you’re looking for someone to blame. I’ve been browsing a lot of sites and I have yet to find a total supporter of the new UI.