The iOS 6.1 jailbreak is just around the corner, with an all star developer and hacker team working on it. We get a name for the jailbreak tool now, that will be called Evasi0n and will have the website The folks behind the tool are the guys of Evad3rs, a team of the best developers and hackers around.


The jailbreak tool will support all iOS devices capable of running iOs 6.0 – 6.1 and the free software will be available on the Mac, Windows and Linux. All the user needs to do is plug in the device and let the tool perform the jailbreak in about 5 minutes or so. Evasi0n is expected to be released in the following days, Sunday actually, if I’m not mistaking. The only device not compatible with the jailbreak is the third generation Apple TV, from what we know.

There are some steps to take in order to ensure a proper jailbreak. Those include backing up everything on the iOS device, in either iCloud or iTunes. Then you’ll need this backup to restore to once you do the jailbreak. For the jailbreak it’s ideal to have a completely wiped iOS device, especially since the jailbreak will take much longer if you have a device filled with media and apps, remember that.