A new Android tablet developed by a US security firm has been revelead in some sketches. This tablet it’s a little different unlike the ones available on the market right now. This tablet can split work and personal usage by having two separated hardware based OS.


This means, that while you access one OS you can’t access the other. One OS is called the WorkZone while the other it’s named PlayZone. We can use this tablet both enterprise and personal activity. This product is developed to address the BYOD market, offerind in the same time a high level of security for the company data.

We can manage each zone autonomously and separate Android security apps as desired. This process of switching between zones takes a few seconds after the touch of the swittch icon.

Lou Hughes, Chairman of InZero, noted: “We think the WorkPlay Technology keeps important data out of harm’s way by making sure that it can’t be corrupted through casual or careless use of the device, and that makes the administrator’s job much easier. Personally, I use one Zone just for online transactions, and the other for everything else.”