We now have the details about the tablet market in India, that appears to be doing quite well, in spite of the global tablet market slowing down. It’s all due to the strong third quarter that looked good in India for tablet vendors, particularly Samsung.


The quarter on quarter growth in the tablet area was 10% and India is now a 0.94 million unit market. The phase of impulsive buying has faded and now consumers are more aware of what products to buy. This has stabilized the market, that’s being led by Samsung, followed by Micromax and iBall. Android has more than 90% market share in Q3 and will continue to dominate the market for the future.

Windows-based tablets priced below $200 will accelerate their adoption rate, although from a lower public base. Small screen tablets are still taking a hit because of tablets, that have been very popular all over the world. Samsung has a tablet market share of 22.2% in India, followed by Micromax at 10.9% and iBall at 10.6%. The iPad has a share of 6.7% and other players have a combined share of 41.4%.