Toshiba was also present in Berlin with some goodies, including the tablet concept below, a 12 inch Windows model with a Full HD resolution. This very elegant device seems to be an attempt to pre-empt the arrival of the iPad Pro, as best Microsoft and Toshiba can.


With an Intel Atom CPU inside, this model comes with support for a digital pen and a detachable keyboard dock. Toshiba didn’t provide an exact set of specs, but this model sure looks slim. Thedocking mechanism doesn’t seem to be adjustable, so you’ll have to do with that single angle of propping up the device. Interestingly, this model doesn’t have a stylus slot, but instead it has a mechanism for docking the pen to the side of the tablet.

Toshiba has used magnets here to attach the keyboard to the tablet, when you’re carrying it in your bag. The keyboard looks and feels like a Logitech iPad keyboard, which is a compliment. With Windows 10 on board, this feels like one last attempt to counter the iPad Pro, that could be coming next week. I’m expecting 8 GB of RAM, plenty of SSD storage, an Intel x7 CPU and more goodies, LTE even.