Props to Kyle Lambert for making our day today and showing us what can be done with an iPad Air and the Procreate software. Apparently, this talented artist took 200+ hours to create the piece of work below, a portrait of Morgan Freeman, that’s so realistic it resembles a picture, in spite of being a painting.

ipad painting morgan freeman

It was all done on an iPad Air, using 285.000 brush strokes and as you can see, the main frame of the portrait was ready fast, but the shadows and especially the shiny parts of the skin took a while to complete. The artist also took his time with the beard of the famous actor and this is a truly stunning piece of work.

If one would show you the final result, you’d believe it was a picture, but in fact it’s a painting with a lot of layers/coats of paint on top of each other. If this would have been done on paper, the layers of paint would have been very thick, believe me… I have a great esteem for graphical artists and I wonder what this guy can do with a Galaxy Note 3.