Huawei is preparing a new tablet that’s different from the MediaPad 10 models available right now. The newcomer is known as the Huawei T-101 and it recently hit the FCC. It’s ready to enter the US market soon and it gets a brand new look, compared to the predecessors.

huawei_t101_2 (1)

Supposedly, this device is expected to be an improved version of the Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD or Link. The thing is that it may be an entirely new device, not an improved version, which can be deducted if you look at the design. This feels like an iPad clone of sorts, if I can say that. The current MediaPad 10 models come with an aluminum silver cover and a white plastic area at the top.


The pictured Huawei T-101 adopts a dark gray pattern and it’s hard to tell if we’re dealing with polycarbonate or some other material. There are two stripes of black plastic on it, in the speaker and camera area. There should also be a micro HDMI port on board, as far as we’ve heard, so good news all around. Finally, we are told to expect a microSD card slot here, as well as a microSIM.

Huawei T-101 will have both WiFi and 3G, plus it will rely on a 7000 mah battery.