Huawei S7 is an upcoming 7 inch Android tablet with a pretty good specs , that include a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 3G and WiFi support. Also, this is one of the few tablets with support for Google Android Market, unlike many other Android slates. You must know that the version selling right now in the US and Europe packs a resistive touch display, but a capacitive one will soon be released, too.

The resistive unit is not getting that much love, since it makes some Android apps and features harder to use via stylus or fingernail, than with a press of a fingertip on a capacitive screen. The info about the new version comes from the Android Tablets Forum, who published some videos of the device and a hands-on from Russia, showing the multitouch support of the tablet.

These videos are available below, but no pricing or availability have been discovered yet.