Huawei MatePad Pro continues leaking, this time in a promotional video. It was actually posted by Huawei, confirming some of the slate’s features. We’ve already seen a few leaks of the device, meant to debut on November 25th, so we’re no strangers to it.

MatePad Pro is going to have a dual back camera, placed in the upper right corner. The cam is confirmed by the video and we also see a protection case, which may let you attach a magnetic keyboard. The video also shows the punch hole selfie camera in the screen and we see some productivity action, courtesy of the M Pen stylus. A detailed specs list for the MatePad Pro has yet to be seen, but we’ve seen some of the hardware parts leaked online.

It’ll clearly be a powerful machine, with a Kirin 990 CPU, 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage. There’s also 40W fast charging, Android 10 and possibly quad speakers with high end tuning. Huawei MatePad Pro wants to be an iPad Pro rival, one that comes in white, black, green and orange. It already received 3C certification and a few other confirmations from authorities. We could also see a non Pro version on November 25th.

Expect a hefty price and yes, we have no idea if Google Play or Google Play Services will be on board. Probably not.