Just a few hours after the Huawei Mate X foldable phone got certified by TENAA we see the device surfacing in a new hands on gallery. People got some quality time with the finalized version and uncovered some more specs. Turns out there’s a new CPU inside.

Huawei Mate X has been upgraded to a Kirin 990 processor, the chip that Huawei will unveil at IFA 2019 and will also be found on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The camera arrangement has also been swapped around, from a set of Mate 20 cameras to some Huawei P30 sensors, with RYYB tech. The device still has a border on one side, which includes 3 camera lenses, the flash and a button to release the device when unfolded.

People who handled the new version of the device have compared it to holding a Kindle Oasis. 5G is still part of the picture and the design seems to have stayed the same. Last I heard, the device was delayed from September to November and the price also stays the same. We can’t tell what went wrong just yet, but it’s probably related to functionality and frailty of the hinge, if I had to guess.

Expect more hands on experiences as we get closer to launch. I also expect the product wil be available in China earlier than November, perhaps even September.