Huawei is said to expand into an area where Lenovo feels very comfortable and that is Windows 10 convertible laptops. The Chinese company has the resources to pull this move and they’ve been churning out some pretty solid tablets over the years.


Their expertize reached the peak when they made tablets for HP one or two years ago. Also, Huawei recently made a Nexus phone for Google and its handheld sales surpassed 48 million units over the first half of the year. Will all this going on, it would be a pity not to take advantage of the current convertible success, especially with the new Windows 10 OS on board.

Smartphone growth has been slowing down in China and tablets have been dropping too, so it’s only logical for Huawei to look for the next big thing. Since Huawei is preparing 2 in 1 convertible laptops, they’re most likely business models, that will put pressure on Dell, HP, ASUS and Acer, plus Lenovo. Since the device will be focused on productivity, it won’t compete with Xiaomi notebooks for example.  Expect some multifunctional models, with big batteries and rotating displays.