After having some fun with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, we’ve not managed to get a hold of the HTC Flyer slate. This device is pictured below, together with its box, that gets opened in the video after the break. Let’s see what this HTC Sense device can do:

This 7 inch Android 2.3.3 unit comes with a pretty solid pouch in the case, plus a pretty big charger, a mini disc, headphones and an USB cables. The usual manuals are also in there and our unit for testing purposes lacked a stylus, sadly. This single core 1.5GHz tablet looks pretty nice with the trademark HTC aluminum unibody.

It has a white top cap, that gets removed and reveals the SIM slot and microSD card slot, but more on that in the full review of this slate. For now, HTC Sense 3.0 looks great, as shown in the video and reminds of the HTC Sensation, that has the same interface.