There’s a been a trend lately to revive the freshly deceased HP TouchPad tablet, that was confirmed as discontinued in August. Lately, the cheap tablet (thanks to a price reduction) has been receiving Android and now it seems it’s ready to be completely revived with Windows 8 on board.

The move was apparently decided by new HP CEO Meg Whitman. HP employees are claiming that the company is testing the TouchPad with Win 8 in “proof of concept” phase. This could be a mere test, serving as a prototype for a future tablet, mostly because people might be cautious after what happened with the original TouchPad.

Rumors about HP’s potential sellout of the PC/tablet/phone area still continue with HTC, LG, Nikon and Amazon as potential buyers. Samsung could also be interested in taking Palm off the hands of the company for its webOS goodies. Considering HP’s relationship with Microsoft, a Windows 8 TouchPad is not totally a remote possibility.