HP is performing some big moves behind the scenes, so after reshaping the webOS area into Gram, now they give their Mobility area a new spin. There’s an internal memo circulated by HP’s Todd Bradley stating that there will be a new Mobility business separated into the company. That area will be responsible with consumer tablets and “additional segments”.

To head that section will be Alberto Torres, who left Nokia together with the MeeGo team, after that initiative was not deemed viable any more. Starting in early September Alberto will report to Todd Bradley and strangely enough HP’s upcoming slate, probably the one with Windows 8 will remain a project of the HP PC division, under James Mouton. I’m extremely curios to see what “consumer tablets” mean. From what I’ve heard lately I could say they’re Windows RT slates, but with HP withdrawing from the Win RT group of partners it’s unlikely.

Gram OS could be an option, as Windows 8 will come on pricier tablets and Android seems like a very remote option, since HP would find it hard to differentiate from other Android partners. Hp is still the world’s largest PC and printing business, as they claim themselves, so they must have a say in the mobile/telecom area, don’t you think?