It’s hard for me to be surprised by these statistics, since I’ve had the opportunity to play with so many Honeycomb tablets and I know that the OS is rubbish… Android 3.x was announced at CES 2011 this year and it promised a great deal of potential, but in the end it proved to be an immature platform, filled with bugs and problems. This is proved by the fact that right now Honeycomb slates stand for a mere 1% of Android usage.

The info comes from ad network Chitika, that analyzed hundreds of millions of impressions served to Android devices during one week. Gingerbread represents two thirds of all Android devices, while Froyo powered 28% of all Android devices and Donut and Cupcake stood at 2%, which is impressive. Gingerbread has a share of 67% from the Android market, but that makes sense, since it’s the most recent version for mobile devices, unless you count Ice Cream Sandwich, that hasn’t yet been released as an update for existing phones.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the only one running Android 4.0, but in the future we expect at least a dozen of devices to get this OS, most of them in the following month and a half, so stats will change quickly. Honeycomb tablets are a mere 4.8 million units of the 200 million Android devices activated so far…

  • Dajk

    I don’t think the percentage usage proves Honeycomb is bad, just that Gingerbread has been out longer and is on many more devices more suited to it.

  • Ralph

    I agree with Dajk – this doesn’t mean Honeycomb is bad, it just means it hasn’t been out for as long. Who can’t figure that one out? Apparently the author, who btw, shouldn’t even be writing articles if he can’t see that! And for the record, I do agree that Android on tablets is terrible and unreliable. Very poor OS at this stage.