Recently, according to a new report from IDC, it seems that Google has sold for the first time ever more products than Apple inside the US schools. More precisely, we get to know that in the 3rd quarter, Google shipped 715.000 Chromebooks devices to schools compare to only 702.000 iPads sold by Apple.


Among the reasons why Chromebooks are more attractive for schools is the price too, device that can be bought in the basic configuration for only $199. Apple on the other hand is selling the first generation iPad Air with educational discounts for $379. So we can say that instead buying a single iPad, schools are nou getting two Chromebooks.

Also, students are saying that a device equipped with a keyboard is more easy to use in projects and homework compared to the iPad that is only a tablet even if we can later buy a dedicated bluetooth keyboard. However, Apple is coming in front with a lot of apps, more precisely with more than 75.000.