We’ve been hearing about a Google Pixel Tablet for a while now and today we finally get some specs to go with those rumors. The Google Pixel tablet may or may not be unveiled during Google’s October 6th event. Today we learn that the product has entered the EVT (engineering validation test) phase.

It will come in 128 GB or 256 GB storage options and also it will pack an 11 inch display. Actually, it will be a 10.95 inch screen. The device will also have Wi-Fi 6 support and sport a familiar design. At I/O 2022, the big Google event in May, the company promised to return to the tablet segment after quite a break and also offered a sneak preview of the design. The firm mentioned a debut in 2023, but rumors have kept piling up.

Developer Kuba Wojciechowski has provided the folks of 91Mobiles with more Pixel Tablet details. The Engineering Validation Test is the one that comes after the prototyping stage. Google has finished the design and most likely the hardware too. Some Pixel Tablet units have been sent to India for EVT and certification. There will also be support for a first party USI 2.0 stylus on this device. The Pixel tablet was originally tipped to ship with a 64 bit version of Android 13 and dual back cameras.

The source also mentioned a lack of GPS hardware and modem, proximity and barometer sensors. At the same time, Google is also working on a new Nest Hub with a dockable format. Finally, the Pixel Tablet is said to use a Google first gen Tensor SoC, the kind of which we’ve seen on the Pixel 6 devices.