One of the videos showing the features of Android 3.0 Honeycomb also included a very nifty app called Movie Studio. Developed by Google, this application runs on Motorola Xoom, as shown below and it’s able to tweak and edit a video you’ve just captured, exactly to your liking. Techcrunch is the one with the scoop and playing with Movie Studio in the vid below.

You’ll find the app we’re talking about half way through the clip below, but be advised and watch the entire footage for smooth transitions, Honeycomb’s music app in action and some messing around with UI elements and widgets. In Movie Studio there’s a circle on the left side of the UI for zooming in/out of the timelime and editing with more ease.

We’re entering a new phase of technology, that will make us all movie editors, specially with tablets that support 3D video capture and then such editing features.