Google unveiled out of nowhere a product called Jamboard, basically a cloud-connected digital whiteboard, that lets teams work together, no matter where they’re working from. It can be considered a sort of bigger 4K tablet with cooperative work support.


At the core the device is a 55 inch 4K display, that can be used as a whiteboard, to write ideas on. Stylus support is present and you can showcase your ideas to a room full of coworkers for example. Whatever is drawn on the screen, which the company calls “your jam” will also be saved to your Drive folder automatically. Content from other Google apps and from the web can be used to make presentations clearer.


Remote teams can use multiple Jamboards to connect into the same brainstorming session and contribute ideas. Hangouts calls are supported and there are also companion apps for Android and iOS, letting people contribute more. The device is said to look like a bigger Nexus 10 and it comes with thick bezels and a webcam above the screen.

The bit below, the tray features room for a passive stylus and eraser and we’ve also got downward firing speakers. USB and HDMI ports are here and in the end the device can be used as a standalone 4K TV. Jamboard goes for $6000 and it’ll come in the first half of the year 2017.