During today’s Google I/O event many people expected to see Android 4.5/5.0 Lollypop, but that didn’t come through in the end. Instead we got a sort of teaser for the new version, tentatively named Android L-release. There was also a showcasing for a new design language.

Android L-release

The L-release will bring a totally redefined user interface, that has a new design language at its core, dubbed Material Design. The look is even flatter in the icon area, plus there are numerous round elements and a lot of effects when pressing icons. The UI is supposed to make interactions simpler and navigation faster. Gmail is one of the apps that will get to benefit from the new design language.


The navigation buttons and overall look of the app are totally different from what we know. The dialer has been totally revamped, offering a more pleasant interaction to the users. Another tweaked area is the notification system from the lockscreen. We’ll be able to get notifications in the app, without having to exit the game, for example. There’s also an extra feature demoed today, one that allows the device to be unlocked instantly once your present is felt (presumably with the aid of a smartwatch).

Battery performance has also been improved through some features that show the usage percentage of the battery and a detailed view of the apps that excessively drain it.


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