Google recently took over Las Vegas, adorning the place with a ton of hints related to Google Assistant and other products associated with it. They’ve taken over the monorail, gumball machine and more and there are hints that they’ll bring forth new device formats in the future.

Google announced that it would be setting up a huge “Playground” at CES 2018. They also placed ads all over the town for the Assistant and the hardware products it’s found on. The big G has already shown signs of expanding even from 2017, with headphones with Google Assistant and the integration of the service on electronics and household items. This is quite an interesting approach and even though Google I/O is the event that brings novelties in this area, in 2018 things are being rushed a bit.

Google has had enough of getting beaten by Amazon Echo and Alexa and wants to dominate. They’ve already sold 6 million Home units and now it appears there are hints about new products. Android Police recently found in the Google code hints that the company could prepare 4 hardware products with screens and Assistant on board. The product range is codenamed “Quartz” and has 4 pixel densities: 640 dp, 1280 dp, 960 dp and 1024 dp.

These are “density independent pixels” apparently and estimations show they’ll be between 7 and 14 inches, so basically smart tablets like the Amazon Echo Show. CES 2018 is getting hotter and hotter and I expect we’ll see new versions of the Google Home, Mini and Max.