Although at the end of 2013 the rumored Nexus 8 slate that appeared on several sites ended up being the Google Play Edition of the LG G Pad 8.3, in 2014 we may actually get to see an 8 inch Nexus tablet. Google is said to be turning its eyes towards the 8 inch tablet market in mid 2014, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.


Apparently, Google noticed that its 7 inch slates have been impacted by the low price 7 inch tablets on the market. Most 7 inch Android tablets have already dropped near the value of $166 or even blow it, especially the models made in China. That makes it impossible for the second gen Nexus 7 at $229 to make a stand nowadays.

Sources are saying that Google’s supposed Nexus 8 may actually rely on the Intel Bay Trail-T platform, but Qualcomm is still in the cards. Asustek is the favourite for making the device yet again, although LG and Samsung have proved that they can handle such a task. Sources say that we will learn more about the Nexus 8 in February.