With Amazon and Chinese Alibaba e-commerce website getting ready to release their own tablets, it’s only a matter of time till any company with over 10k employees and online involvement will start dreaming of its slate. This is also the case of the game retailer Gamestop, that will release a gaming tablet based on Android next year.

We must mention that Gamestop has been losing market share because of the popularity of mobile games on handsets and tablets. Founded in 1984, the company had 6,450 locations in 2009 and served titles worldwide, but business isn’t going so well now with all the mobile gales out there. Tony Bartel, Gamestop president recently explained to GamesIndustry that the sale and distribution of an Android tablet with gaming capabilities is looked into.

There will also be a special controller for this device, reminding me of HTC’s initiative to turn tablets into gaming gadgets. Gamestop also promised its very own mobile apps and full retail releases from its own catalog. I sure hope that this idea doesn’t get stuck in prototype phase, as it would be nice to have a gaming tablet out there.