Fulton Innovation is a company that’s going to bring goodies to CES 2013. They’ve been at the head of wireless charging technology for the past years and this is also what they’ll showcase in Las Vegas this year. Fulton is famous for supporting the Qi standard, that’s compatible on famous devices like HTC Droid DNA, LG Nexus and Nokia Lumia 920. Today we get to see another innovation, a tablet working as a wireless charging mat for a phone.


The product will be showcased at CES 2013 and in the video below we see a Samsung tablet getting this innovation. The cool thing is that the tablet can be wireless charged and it can also share the charge with other Qi-based handsets. The demo below shows a tablet functioning as a wireless charging pad for other devices. The company also shows the flexibility of the two way solution in a less conventional way, through a printed poster of a DJ Console powered by a two way tablet.

The circuits of the poster are printed electronics, basically conductive inks that create wireless power coils. Fulton will also bring to CES a multi device power mat, allowing multiple Qi-compatible devices to charge on a single surface and adapt to the needs of the users.