We’ve seen quite a few Surface Phone concepts, but now there’s a new type of Surface device appearing on the web as renders. It’s the so called “Surface Note”, a Microsoft dual display machine, with a folding aspect, that can morph from phone to tablet. The latest such design is shown below and it’s frankly amazing.

With Windows 10 Mobile pretty much dead, it’s curious to see such a machine and we can’t help but wonder what OS it’ll run. This concept was originally seen in June, rendered by Ryan Smalley and now the designer has re-done it, with a new vibe and approach. It reminds me of the recently leaked Microsoft patents and designs. It also draws maybe a bit of inspiration from the recently announced ZTE Axon M.

Huawei is also rumored to adopt this format for a 2018 device. Back to what we’re seeing here, this foldable machine feels like two Galaxy Notes joined at the hip with a Surface Pen for interaction in the mix. There’s a hinge between the two displays have a bezel less approach, even in the hinge area. It’s true that the device is a bit thick, even thicker when the two screens are overlapped.

Ryan Smalley adopts the “notch” approach here, integrating the single camera, flash and sensors upfront without sacrificing a bezel. When opened, the device feels like a mini laptop of sorts. The designer hints that there’s magnetism here, used for the hinge area, for easier access without increasing the device’s thickness. This feels like the return of the MID or PMP form factor, if you remember those.

Nokia, Casio and HP tried their hand with such devices, through the years. I have a feeling Lenovo could still pull a nifty one off, a mini Lenovo Yoga Book maybe… Microsoft? Well, they have to prove themselves in this area.