According to a recent news, the Foxconn Technology Group has in plan to spend almost $3 billion in the next two years to build a brand new factory in Taiwan, a unit that will supply displays exclusively for Apple. We get to know that the equipment installation will start next month and mass production will being starting the end of 2015.


Even if right now, Foxconn has a few dedicated factories for Apple production at the moment in China, the new one will be the first one plant developed for a own production line for iDevices. Currently, it seems that the factory is facing a shortage of iPhone 5 metal casings.

As we found out in November last year, Apple signed a half a billion dollar deal to provide the furnaces to GT Advanced in order to secure the supply of sapphire. However, GT Advanced filed for bankruptcy protection in October, so there’s a chance that Foxconn will take this task and we may see sapphire in their production line.