We’ve seen foldable iPhone concepts before, but as usual Ben Geskin’s takes the cake. The designer has been hard at work over the past years, envisioning highly realistic iPhone concepts and more devices, that seem plausible. So let’s see his foldable iPhone!

First of all, Apple is probably not going to launch one in 2020, but rather wait for one or two more generations of the Fold, Mate X or RAZR to fail or win. What Ben Geskin envisioned here is a hybrid between iPhone 11 and iPad Mini. On the inside we have a foldable 8 inch screen with a large cutout for two selfies cameras, in the vein of the Galaxy S10 5G. On the outside rests a larger than expected secondary screen, probably 5+ inches in diagonal.

There’s no crease down the middle of the display, even on a white background, so that’s a big plus. I also see that the device gets an Apple Pencil and a hinge design similar to the Galaxy Fold one. It also means it’s rather bulky when closed. Apple will definitely wait for a foldable glass protection to appear before trying to make such a device. They’ll probably also price it very high, closer to $3000 or even $4000.

We’re left to speculate on how the back of this device will look like, especially the main camera area. It’s probably got a square setup, much like the iPhone 11 Pro, unless Apple wants to get vertical again. I also see that this iPhone Fold lets you use the folded screen even at various angles, like 30 degrees, 45 degrees or 90 degrees, or so it seems. A “laptop mode” could also happen.