Flybook V5 is a convertible tablet, that packs a 8.9 inch touchscreen display and can also be used as a laptop, when the screen isn’t folded over the keyboard. This device comes with a 1.2 GHz dual core Intel CULV processor and can be checked out in action in the following video:

The V5 runs Windows 7 and it can support up to 4GB of RAM, plus it comes with a user removable battery, that should provide 4 to 5 hours of functioning. You might also want to know that the tablet uses a small pointing stick, instead of a touchpad and this mechanism is placed near the top right corner of the keyboard.

The keyboard is a tad small and cramped, or at least so say the people who have had the chance to mess with the device. Also, it’s strange to see that the battery is placed at the front of the laptop, strange for its size, that is. This also allows for the ports to be placed at the back, instead of on the sides.

At the back you’ll find 2 USB ports, modem and Ethernet jacks, a VGA port and an ExpressCard slot.

[via liliputing]