I guess even looking at it from the point of view of an average user and the fact that the mobile market has one of the most rapid grows is highly obvious. We are far from the peak of technology evolution and these days touchscreen devices are becoming more and more popular and affordable.


There are many sources that analyse the market in order to estimate the growth in demand for each component so the manufacturers can get an idea of what to invest in. The most basic fact in this regard is that people need smartphones and tablets of all sizes, for even if by now smartphone panels have reached 5-inches and more in size, there is still a demand for the smaller screens. Research firm DisplaySearch that the race for creating display panels has lead to the introduction of high-end technologies, such as AMOLED panels or SLCD type displays.

For the future the flat panel display market is expected to be the strong point in many regards as the manufacturers are looking to invest in these technologies representing the main component of the future. Devices like Apple’s iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S IV have their strongest points in terms of displays and is expected to be the same with upcoming releases. Thus the most recent studies show that flat panel display (FPD) market revenues will likely rise to$71.5 billion by 2016.