Market research firm iSuppli recently showed its confidence in the growth of the tablet segment, estimating that the flash memory shipments for slates will triple in 2011. While some considered 2010 the year of the tablet, 2011 will in fact be it, since this year was all about getting to know such devices and experiment with them.

The craziness will debut in January, once CES 2011 starts and we get to see devices like the Palmpad, maybe a new Galaxy Tab and perhaps even the iPad 2. The rising popularity of slates will continue in the following years and apparently, these portable gadgets are bound to give up HDDs in favor of SSDs, increasing NAND flash memory sales.

iSuppli predicts that by 2014, the average NAND flash memory density will reach 65GB, instead of the 28GB right now. This means, among others that by 2014 we’ll possibly see a 64GB iPhone lurking around…

[via crunchgear]