The first-gen Windows 7 EROS tablet was spotted back in January, making quite a splash back then. Now, we learn that the device will have a successor, the EROS 2, running the same OS and sporting a bigger screen – 11.6 inches versus the predecessor’s 10.1 inches screen. Also, the new tablet will support a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and it’ll weigh 1kg, making it quite a heavy piece of machinery.

EROS 2 hides an Intel Atom N450 CPU under the shell, but there’s also the option of using Atom N450+ION2 or Celeron SU2300, depending on the user’s choice of configuration. 1GB of RAM is available, 16GB of ROM too, 3 USB ports and a HDMI one. The device also gets an impressive 4600mAh battery, supposed to function for 3 hours, even if you’re browsing the Internet intensively.

The price for this slate is $447, for the N450 version, $552 for the Atom N450+ION2 one and $588 for Celeron SU2300. Expect the EROS 2 to debut in about a month.

[via clonedinchina]