Google’s research team did its homework, through a recent study, that revealed the habits of the users. The table below shows these habits, that seem to include email checking at first spot and playing games at the second. The name of the research is “Understanding tablet use: a multi method exploration”.

In this study 33 participants and their device use and habits were monitored during a pretty long period of time. The research covered rural, urban and suburban areas and all types of ages, education and commuting habits. The email checking came on top, with the most often activity done on the tablet being this one, with 18.9% of all activities on slates being email checks. Next is playing games with 10.9% of activities and social networking with 6.6%.

I’m surprised to see that listening to music and watching videos are so low, with 5% and 4.4% respectively. Viewing documents is last on the list with 1.3%, even lower than managing finances. It’s nice to see that shopping is almost as adopted as watching videos, a feature that can be speculated by retailers and product sellers in the future. With Angry Birds out there it was obvious that playing games would matter a lot for the public, especially when commuting.

Also, that email checking and constant messaging with anything else but texts may worry some carriers…The full Google report is here.