SID Display Week is taking place this week in Los Angeles and it’s the ideal place to see in action the latest in screen panels and displays. One such newcomer is the foldable panel showcased by E Ink and demoed below. It’s a grayscale panel that’s able to fold easily.

E Ink is known for making electronic displays, that are very paper-like and including them on the likes of Kindle, Nook and Kobo-style readers. Things are evolving, as E Ink has debuted the Prism displays, available in 7 color options, that will be integrated into architecture and clothing. You can also view a demo of it in the video below. Now, as as far as the panel demoed below goes, this one could be used for e-readers, that will fold and open up just like a real book.

This display is a 10.2 inch E Ink Carta Mobius with a 220 pixel per inch density. Mass production will start, once E Ink gets enough customers. The key here is the usage of plastic instead of glass, allowing the panel to fold almost in half, without damage or breakage of any kind. I noticed that this screen is rather glossy, or better said glossier than your average e-ink panel.

The 7 color supporting panels will show dark blue, cyan, red, green, yellow, brown and black. They can show a static image indefinitely, without drawing any power and they’re also reflective.