“Hello sir, here’s your complimentary golden iPad” is what you may be hearing if you visit Dubai now. Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel, probably the most elegant hotel in the world has just unveiled its latest luxury accessory: the 24 carat gold iPad.


Once you check in and pay a few months’ salary for a night, you’ll be given your own iPad covered in gold, as shown in the image included in this article. The tablet will be used as a virtual concierge and provide information about the hotel’s restaurant menus, spa treatments, housekeeping and other services.

The precious slates were custom made for the hotel by British brand Gold & Co. The hotel already provides an iMac in every one of its 202 rooms, plus various other luxury items, ranging from walk in showers and jacuzzis, large plasma TVs and private butler services. By the way, the price for a room starts at $1,500 per night and that’s a double room.