The folks of Engadget recently previewed a Dell Streak version with the Android 2.1 update on board, bringing a couple of improvements to the device. Also, we learn that the tabletphone will receive Froyo in September, at least in the UK. The device’s benchmark scores are pretty impressive: 6949 MFLOPS on Linpack, 30 fps on Fps2D, 3521 on And3DBench and much more.

Improvements have also been found in the virtual keyboard section, with the numpad and caps lock now gone and making typing easier. Google Maps now does pinch to zoom and Dell Streak also got rid of the remote control bug, thanks to its manufacturer and the recent update. Its camera app was also upgraded, so among other UI improvements , it also supports 720p capture.

The homescreen is now able to hold only 24 icons at a time instead of 32, as the icons have been spaced out horizontally. The RSS and music player widgets have been made wider, so two such widgets can’t fit into the homescreen any more. More changes and upgrades can be found in Engadget’s preview piece here.

[via Engadget]