The folks of Phone Arena have been lucky enough to get their hands on a Dell Streak 7 unit, which they reviewed and tested. The result can be found here and we have a short look at the conclusions they drew. It seems that this 7 inch dual core Android 2.2 Froyo tablet was rushed a bit and we sure would like to see Honeycomb on it.

This is not a perfect slate, mind you that, since its battery life is rather poor, with Phone Arena only getting 5 hours of battery life on heavy usage. With light work and a full charge, you’ll only reach a little over 10 hours of functioning time. However, other similar models are able to squeeze a full day of light use…

Dell Streak 7 is available for $200 on contract, or $450 without it, which is a good price, for the specs you’re getting. The tablet’s design looks very much like the 5 inch Dell Streak everyone knows already, but this bigger unit is quite comfortable to hold even in one hand. This device is meant for landscape use and another defect spotted by its reviewers is the poor resolution (800 x 480) of the 7 inch screen.

More info can be found in this review: