After finding out that the Alibaba e-commerce giant from China plans to launch its own tablet, it doesn’t surprise us that Baidu, the Chinese search engine bigshot has similar plans. Teaming up with Dell, they plan to build not only a slate, but also a smartpone or two.

With China being of the quickest developing markets for tablets and mobile devices, it would be a pity not to take advantage of this aspect. The handsets from Baidu will bear the name of the service, one of the largest brands in this country and Dell also jumped on board, hoping to get some appreciation from the public in China. Meanwhile, analysts say that Dell’s attempt is in vain, as Apple remains everyone’s favourite brand locally.

There’s no timeline for the launch of the tablet and smartphone, but Reuters reports that there’s a Chinese outlet announcing the products for November. Dell and Baidu have collaborated on a Baidu-branded Dell Streak 5 tablet previously, so they have the experience and expertise.