Corning just posted a futuristic video on YouTube, showing a future ruled by their glass screens, walls and touch technology. The possibilities of Gorilla Glass and associated technologies are demoed in the video below, that reminds me of a similar look into the future done by Microsoft in a video presentation of their own.

Big companies seem to be really keen on big glass walls with touch functions, fiber optic lighting and gesture based interfaces. Back at CES 2012 Corning showed a 80 inch Gorilla Glass 2 display, a mammoth of a screen protected by the latest technology in the field. We’re far from a future where every house will have a glass window with a special heating system, futuristic interface and an AI to greet you and give you the daily info you need. There’s also an Unpacked video here, detailing everything that happens in the first clip.

Every tablet and phone that transfers its interface to a car, Surface-like system at school or walls is transparent, ultra resistant and very thin. Corning’s glass will also be found in the car’s dashboard, acting like a huge touchscreen, that interacts in mere seconds with a handset or tablet.