Computex 2019 seems to be all about ASUS, since they’re celebrating 30 years of existence this year. One of their most interesting new products is the ASUS ZenScreen Touch, a portable monitor for those needing an extra display on the go. It’s sort of an underpowered tablet.

The ZenScreen Touch is a 15.6 inch affair and a relative to the XG17 portable gaming monitor. This gaming monitor is one of the best in class and performance so far, with Full HD, 10-point Touch, Built-in Battery, Hybrid Signal Solution, USB Type-C, Micro-HDMI, Compatible with Laptops , Smartphones, and Gaming Consoles, and Cameras. It doesn’t have its two USB-C ports, or the 240 Hz refresh rate, but it does come with stereo speakers and a 7800 mAh battery. That one provides up to 4 hours of usage on maximum brightness. The touchscreen works with any PC and also with phones.

A ZenFone 4 was hooked up to it during a demo session at Computex 2019. The ZenScreen Touch is a light and slim portable monitor, that weighs just 900 grams and it’s 9 mm thin. It offers 10 point touchscreen action and gestures like swipe, scroll and drag. It also has USB-C and microHDMI ports and it’s compatible with Android 6.0 devices and above, using the ZenScreen Touch App. Resolution is Full HD, like the last year model.

We have no price for the device or a release date.