You’ll all heard about LCD displays and their alternatives, Pixel Qi and Mirasol screens, with better color and sunlight readability, plus longer battery life. Also, there’s the E Ink technology, under the wing of E Ink Holdings, that’s getting ready to launch a color version of its main tech, dubbed the E Ink Triton.

The main features of the original technology will be kept, all the positive ones for that matter: longer battery life, outdoors readability and less eye fatigue, also adding color in the mix. Image stability is also quoted, as pictures and text stay on screen even with the power turned off. Thousands of colors and 16 levels of grayscale will be displayed, providing a paper-like experience, according to E Ink Holdings.

The issue with E Ink is that the its colors seem a bit washed out, as claim the first reviews of the technology, that also quote a less fast refresh rate on the new type of displays. Meanwhile, in the US Barnes & Noble is testing new alternatives as well, thanks to the recent nook color, that goes with a color LCD screen.